Pizza Hut Lines Commercial – We’re More Than Just Pizza

Pizza Hut Lines Commercial

“We’re more than just pizza. We’re the huddle that happens when the lines disappear.” this is the message behind the latest Pizza Hut commercial.

Titled “Lines,” the 30-second spot highlights that, while lines are usually known as separators, they are also leading to a common ground, once surpassed. “Lines can separate us. The line of scrimmage separates this team from that team… Goal lines separate victory from defeat. Yard lines separate how far we’ve come from how far we have to go. But if we look beyond the lines, all that’s left is common ground. We’re more than just pizza, we’re the huddle that happens when the lines disappear,” the voiceover says.

The end of the spot, which is scored by a catchy tune, sees a group of friends who got together one evening to watch a football game and also have some Pizza Hut pizza and drinks.

In a series of recent spots, the pizza restaurant chain has advertised its limited-time deal on large 2-topping pizzas, for $7.99, when you order online. Released with the now famous “No one OutPizzas the Hut” tagline, one of the spots features Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster showing off their dance moves after receiving their Pizza Hut order. The two NFL stars have also teamed up with Pizza Hut as part of the chain’s recent partnership as the official pizza of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL. Over the past weekend, Brown posted on his Instagram account a photo giving fans a preview of what’s ahead with regard to himself, JuJu and Pizza Hut. He and Smith-Schuster will be featured in various forms on content throughout the 2018 season.

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