O2 TV Advert Song – George the Poet Recites Poetry

George the Poet - O2 TV Advert

O2 has launched a new ad campaign, aimed at inspiring people to enjoy everything this planet and life have to offer, while highlighting “the power that mobile technology has as a window out to a universe that is full of potential” and “the importance of digital oxygen to help everyone feel more alive – from staying social, starting passions and making memories”.

The TV ad, created by VCCP, features spoken word artist George the Poet delivering an ode to the miracle of existence.

“Life is a miracle. Out of all the planets and all the solar systems, ours was the one to support our whole existence. Our is abundant in sustenance. Not too close or far from the Sun, just enough distance as our lungs that can make use of oxygen. Breathing in and get high on life like an intoxicant, we’re all interconnected, everything that happens, all things are affected. We’re born alone, but we walk into collectives and every experience falls into perspective when you see that this planet is yours to explore. See, we leave our mark and the people we affect, the memories we make when we speak and we connect, the feelings we share, the secrets we pretend, the strenght and the weakness we project. Our time here is like a drop in the ocean. Ups, downs and a lot of emotion, but you’re still here to see the morning. Life’s for the taking. Breathe it all in,” George the Poet says throughout the 90-second spot.

The ad, set to the track “Loud Places ft Romy” by Jamie xx, also part of band The xx, that last year set the record for the longest run of sold out shows at O2 Academy Brixton, is set to start airing on TV tonight, September 1, during The X-Factor.

The campaign, described by the O2’s chief marketing officer as “not just another campaign, but rather a whole new direction for the brand based on its roots and what makes O2 unique in the marketplace,” also includes OOH, social media activity, cinema, VOD, digital out of home and in-store.

The mobile operator recently launched custom payment plans, that allow customers decide how much they want to pay ufront and how many months they want to spread the remaining cost across, when buying a new handset.

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