Never Get Hulu Commercial (Emmys 2018) – Feat. James Harden, Sarah Silverman, Joe Manganiello, Sofia Vergara & More

James Harden - Hulu Commercial

James Harden, The Handmaid’s Tale actress Samira Wiley, comedian Sarah Silverman, Joe Manganiello, his real-life wife Sofia Vergara and more star in a commercial for Hulu, aimed at highlighting the offerings of the streaming service, which include original content, a wide selection of TV shows and movies, as well as a combination of live TV and sports.

The spot opens with the Houston Rockets point guard asking viewers to listen carefully and with Samira Wiley, who’s flying an helicopter, adding that “it’s a warning”. Sarah Silverman, whose travelogue series “I Love You, America.” returns to the streaming service with its second season on October 12, says that what you are about to learn “is something that will impact how you life your life”. Manganiello, seated in the first-class of a plane, together with his wife, Sofia Vergara, advises viewers to never fly first class because “it ruins flying in coach forever”. Vergara also has a piece of advice: “Never take Joe Manganiello” arguing that “he ruins men forever.” Laid back on a king-size bed, Harden advises people to never get a king-size bed, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff tells them, from his walk-in closet, to never get one, actor Ramy Youssef, who has the Hulu original “Ramy” in the works, advises people to never sit courtside, while he’s obviously sitting courtside, Samira Wiley, who’s now seen getting out of the helicopter and walking on a red carpet, recommends never getting “a shortcut to the Emmys”, and 13 year old actor, dancer, rapper Miles Brown recommends never adding bacon to your burger before the most important piece of advice is given, namely “Never get Hulu”. “Its tons of shows and movies, exclusive originals plus live TV for sports will ruin TV for you forever,” Manganiello and Harden say.

“We’re about to ruin TV for you” reads a line flashing across the screen at the end of the spot.

The star-studded commercial is set to air on Monday night during NBC’s 70th Primetime Emmy Awards (Monday, 8 EDT/5 PDT) and also during the network’s Red Carpet Special (7:30 p.m. ET) preceding the awards show.

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