National Lottery Fisherman Advert – Amazing Starts Here

National Lottery Fisherman Advert - Fishing Vessel

The state-franchised national lottery in the UK, National Lottery, has released a new TV ad, highlighitng that “Amazing things can happen when you buy a ticket” and encouraging people to imagine how could winning change their life.

Launched with the strapline “Amazing Starts Here,” the short film tells the story of a working-class Scottish couple who struggle to make ends meet and stay apart, due to the nature of his job, until they get luck on their side. While her husband is away, working on a fishing boat for several days, the woman, who is also a mother of two, is seen telling a friend that she has made a decision and entering later on in a solicitor’s office. Upon his arrival, the fisherman finds his house empty and a note left for him on the chimney. He rushes down the street to another house, where his wife welcomes him at the front door, telling him she bought it and giving him the news of their winning.

The end of the spot, which is part of a new campaign that focuses on the National Lottery itself rather than specific games, sees the two hugging each other and the tagline “Amazing Starts Here” appearing on screen.

The ad, set to make its TV debut during the X Factor on ITV on Saturday night (September 15), marks the first work of Adam&Eve/DDB for the National Lottery, after the end of Camelot’s 15-year relationship with advertising agency AMV. The campaign will also include another spot, set to the released in November, which will show how lottery funding can help ordinary people’s lives. The plot is rooted in the fact that the money raised from ticket sales also goes towards good causes. The Good Causes Fund receives 28p from every £1 spent on National Lottery games, whether you play Lotto, EuroMillions or one of the other options. Therefore, National Lottery customers are helping worthy projects throughout the UK just by buying a ticket, even if they do not always win a prize.

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