McDonald’s Commercial Song – Mom with Baby, Bar Owner & Airplane Pilot

McDonald's Commercial - Airplane Pilots

McDonald’s highlights, in a series of new ads, that “No matter how different we are, we have more in common than we think”.

One of them, titled “Early Morning,” features people from all different walks of life making their way to McDonald’s for breakfast. A mother takes her crying baby for a ride before the crack of dawn, a bar owner who’s also working as a bartender padlocks the gate to the local, and an airplane pilot is getting ready to head out and go to work. The three persons prove to all have something in common: they all pass by McDonald’s to grab an Egg McMuffin. The exhausted mom goes in a drive-thru and eats her meal in the car, the bar owner goes with a friend in a McDonald’s restaurant, and the pilot in a McDonald’s from the airport, where he eats in the company of a colleague.

The end of the commercial, which is set to the 2017 single “The Only Difference” by Beatchild & The Slakadeliqs, featuring Justin Nozuka, sees the tagline “We have more in common than we think” flashing across the screen.

This is not the only spot aimed at illustrating this idea, though. Another spot released by the fast-food restaurant chain, scored by the same song, features a trucker, a mother of two little league players and a student enjoying the same menu items in a McDonald’s restaurant.

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