ITV Series: Butterfly (Trailer Song)

Butterfly (Trailer ITV)

ITV has released the trailer for its upcoming drama series Butterfly, set to premiere this October.

The three-part show, created by Tony Marchant, tackles the complex relationship between separated parents Vicky (Anna Friel) and Stephen (Emmett J. Scanlan), and their division on how to support their youngest child, 11-year-old boy Max (Callum Booth-Ford), who from a young age has identified as a girl and call herself Maxine. The official ITV synopsis reveals that “What unfolds for all the family members involved is the greatest challenge and test of love and understanding imaginable. The social transitioning of Max to Maxine is initially thwarted because of the clear division of opinion between Vicky and Stephen”.

The cast also includes Millie Gibson as Maxine’s sister, Alison Steadman and Sean McGinley as Maxine’s grandparents, Amy Huberman, Lorraine Burroughs and Felicity Montagu.

The trailer opens with Scanlan’s character asking his son “What do you want to be?”, which makes the latter reveal “You know, if I stop trying to please everyone, I could have been more true to myself.” In another scene, Friel’s character, Vicky, who’s doing her best to deal with this issue and support this life decision, is advised, during a group support session, to listen to her child. She’s also heard saying “I want to have a daughter, not a dead son,” and that she “wasn’t ready to say goodbye” to her “little boy”.

The song used in the trailer is the 2017 single “Oh Baby” by Brooklyn rock band LCD Soundsystem, from their 2017 comeback album, “American Dream”.

While a release date has yet to be announced, Butterfly is expected to air next month.

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