ITV Series: Back To Mine (Trailer Song)

Back To Mine (Trailer ITV)

“They say home is where the heart is but what does yours reveal about you? And can it open the door to true love?” ITV seeks to give an answer to these questions in its upcoming dating show Back To Mine, which allows intrepid singletons to hunt for a potential partner by rifling through their home before they’ve even met. In each episode a singleton will take a look around the properties of three potential romantic partners, deciding who to go on a date with based on their home decor choices.

“What if you could choose your next date by swooping around their house first?” the voiceover asks at the beginning of the promo, which features a host of participants looking through the stuff around the house of singles who joined the show in the hope of finding their perfect match. However, it seems there will be candidates shocked by the reaction and behavior of those who wander through their house. A man examining a woman’s underwear can’t help saying they are “really big,” for instance, while others are seen examining the bathtub and even the toilet seat.
“A whole new way of finding love and just maybe somebody you could live with,” the voiceover adds at the end of the trailer, which sees a man saying “Judge me”. The soundtrack music is Flo Rida’s 2015 single “My House” from his 2015 EP of the same name.

Back To Mine, which has been paid for by Dunelm, one of the UK’s largest home furnishing retailers, and has been described as “a cross between a dating format and a home improvement show,” premieres Sunday 30th September at 3pm on ITV1.

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