GEICO Baseball Fans and a Foul Ball Commercial

GEICO Foul Ball Commercial

GEICO highlights that it helps people save on car insurance in a new ad, featuring a baseball fan who misses the opportunity to catch a foul ball.

The spot features the man returning from the concession stand back in the audience and finding his friend ready to give him some news. “So I guess you’ve heard, huh?” he asks. “What, that switching to GEICO can save you money on car insurance?” his buddy asks, while trying to take his seat. At this point, the latter, who had missed for just a few minutes, is given the disturbing news: “I caught I foul ball. Well, actually, you did. It fell right on the glove you left on the seat.” “I’ve been waiting my whole life to catch a foul ball,” he answers, staring into space. “You still are,” his friend replies, munching on a chip.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “Now you’ve heard – GEICO – Saving people money on car insurance and now an official partner of Major League Baseball”.

The cast includes Scott Golden and Casey Campbell. They are the latest names to join a growing roster of actors starring in commercials for the insurance company. Darren Richardson portrayed the first heckler in recorded history, British actor Max Lloyd-Jones, known as Jacob on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, was a knight teased by Richardson’s character, David Ebert made appearances in several ads, as well as Steve Talley, who played a space captain who lost the keys to his ship just when the galaxy needed him most.

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