FedEx Red-Haired Girl with Stuffed Tortoise and Rabbit Commercial

FedEx Commercial - Girl with Stuffed Tortoise and Rabbit

“FedEx delivers millions of packages around the world every day. But FedEx delivers more than just packages or pallets. We deliver comfort.” This is the idea behind the latest FedEx commercial, which pulls at the viewers’ heartstrings by telling the emotional story of a little girl finding comfort thanks to the delivery company.

The 60-second spot, titled “Tortoise & The Hare,” features the little red-haired girl holding a stuffed tortoise and a stuffed hare during a road trip with her family. Her deep attachment to the two soft toys is illustrated through shots of her sleeping in her car seat with them and taking them both everywhere she goes, including an amusement park. One day, though, after leaving a motel at the crack of dawn, the girl forgets the tortoise, which remained on the floor, near the bed. This proves to be extremely saddening for the kid, who can’t enjoy anything else throughout the rest of the trip, at the National Forest Park. Luckily for her, the cleaning lady finds the toy and gives it to the manager, who decides to deliver it to the family’s home address, using FedEx. Thus, when the girl and her parents get back home, they find the FedEx package in front of the door and the girl’s face brightens again.

“Comfort. What we deliver by delivering.” the voiceover says at the end of the spot, which sees the child sleeping in her bed, with her two favorite toys by her side. Serving as the perfect soundtrack is an emotional song.
The multinational courier delivery services company, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, also invites people to watch the stories shared on its website, under the Possibilities section, to learn more about the millions of possibilities FedEx delivers every day. The installments highlight that FedEx deliver a helping hand after natural disasters, eye care to rural communities, a place to stay for patients’ families, and a soccer field to a neighborhood in Poland.

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