Toyota Commercial Song: You Are So Beautiful

 Toyota Commercial - So Beautiful

Toyota showcases its new line-up in a commercial that aims at highlighting there’s nothing more distracting that a stylish Toyota.

The 30-second spot features several persons having their attention distracted from their main interest by a Toyota vehicle near them. A woman is apparently singing to her boyfriend “You are so beautiful,” but then she walks away, singing instead to a Toyota model parked nearby. AA street vendor is trying to put down the fire that destroys his hot dog business, a group of street workers cause a lot of damage by flooding the street because they’re looking at a Toyota SUV instead of paying attention to what they’re doing, and a man holding a red rose in his hand is singing a serenade to a Toyota, with a man producing foam behind him for a more romantic vibe.

The song used in the ad, “You are so beautiful,” was written by Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher and was first released on Preston’s 1974 album, “The Kids & Me”. The track has also been covered by Ray Stevens, Kenny Rogers, Bonnie Tyler, Brian Kennedy, and others, and has been featured in numerous shows and films. Among them are the American comedy movie “The Little Rascals”, the 1981 film “Modern Romance”, the series “Two and a Half Men”, “Quantico”, and others.

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