Kellogg’s Special K Advert Song – Woman Running Stairs

Kellogg's Special K Advert Girl

Special K continues its “Powering You” campaign with a new spot, aimed at highlighting that Special K has the specific nutrients women’s bodies are calling for.

The 15-second ad features a young woman during her morning run, having her legs feeling sluggish. The voiceover says this is a sign of your body calling and urges you to “answer the call with protein and iron to power those muscles.” According to the spot, Special K has “those muscle loving nutrients made delicious”.

The song serving as soundtrack music is “La Femme Ressort” by the French band La Femme, from their debut studio album, “Psycho Tropical Berlin,” released in April 2013. This track has also been used during the short film “Crème Caramel”.

Other spots recently released by the brand also highlight that Special K cereals have B vitamins, wholegrains and tasty extras, like real fruit and nuts, to help you power up, and that Special K Probiotic Cereal has whole grains and fiber to support digestive wellness and, in addition, real peaches and berries.

Special K “Powering You” campaign, created by Leo Burnett London with the aim to help women see Special K as a source of nutrition that will power them through their everyday lives, was launched at the beginning of this year is set to roll out across Europe throughout the rest of the year. The campaign also includes print and online activations, four outdoor executions, multiple nutrient specific 10-second digital films and GIFs online and on social channels.

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