JBL Endurance Sports Headphones Commercial Song

JBL Headphones Commercial - Girl Climbing Wall

JBL showcases its new Endurance series of wireless sports headphones in a new ad, aimed at highlighting that these are “Built To Endure Everything You’ve Got”.

The commercial follows several athletes as they use the Endurance headphones while doing different sports activities. A man is swimming, another is doing a tire workout, a woman is running, another one is climbing a wall. Using the dedicated JBL Endurance headphones, their training becomes an exciting experience, since they are able to listen to their favorite music even when they are sprinting and jumping.

Throughout the ad various features are presented, such as the TwistBlock & FlexSoft Technology, MagHook, which ensures an easy management when not in use, PowerHook, which translates into Auto Power ON/OFF, FlipHook, which allows a customisable and secure fit, Touch Control, for easy management of calls and music, the 8 hours battery life and the 10 minutes speed charging option. The video also highlights that the ENDURANCE series is IPX7 waterproof and “durable, no matter the elements,” IPX5 waterresistant and sweatproof, and that it has a built-in MP3 player with 1GB storage space, and that the headphones are designed for you to use them while running, sprinting, jumping, and diving.

The soundtrack music is “Never Get Enough” by Marc Ferrari and Michael McGregor.

The new Endurance series, consisting of JBL Endurance Jump, JBL Endurance Sprint, JBL Endurance Run and JBL Endurance Dive, is available for purchase at the brand’s website, at prices starting from $49.95 each. Enhancers in different sizes are also available for purchase for $10. JBL’s range of products also includes portable speakers, voice-activated speakers, home theater systems, soundbars, subwoofers, car speakers, car component systems, studio monitors, and more.

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