HP The Wolf: True Alpha Trailer – Feat. Christian Slater, Jonathan Banks, and Betty Adewole

Christian Slater - The Wolf: True Alpha

From director Lance Acord comes the third chapter in HP’s thrilling saga of The Wolf, starring Christian Slater, Jonathan Banks, and Betty Adewole.

The 90-second film, titled “The Wolf: opens with news announcing that the most powerful and influential people today are gathered for the annual world economic conference and protesters have repeatedly clashed with police as a billionaire’s controversial stance on climate change have become lightning rods for protests wherever he goes. Christian Slater, who plays an evil cyber hacker, warns somebody that a few digital Molotov cocktails will make some noise, and then Betty Adewole’s character, a hacker that apparently infiltrates herself within Banks’ company as an employee, explains that the plug-in she adds will brick with their devices so that the wrong containers would go on the wrong ships going to the wrong way.

“Revenge feels good. It’s bad for business,” Banks says over the phone. Slater raises the question “How is it the people can still be so surprised when someone like me comes not?”. “In a world divided everyone is prey.” onscreen lines read throughout the commercial.

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