Dogs of Berlin (Netflix German Series) – Trailer Song

Dogs of Berlin (Trailer German / Deutsch)

Netflix has released the official trailer for its upcoming German television series “Dogs of Berlin”, scheduled to premiere December 7th.

A soccer star is killed and two cops (Fahri Yardım as Erol Birkan and Felix Kramer as Kurt Grimmer) are forced into a territorial battle with the Berlin underworld that forces them to face their own criminal activities.

“A dog’s got no choice. A dog squats to tahe a s..t and thinks it’s made a decision. The question is: the dog owner.. Is it that much different for him? Do we really have a choice? Was everything decided at out birth?” – the voiceover says in the 60-second trailer.

Katharina Schüttler, Kais Setti, Anna Maria Mühe, Alina Stiegler, Mišel Matičević and Antonio Wannek are among the movie stars.

The song playing in the trailer is “Großstadtdschungel” by Miami Yacine feat. Zuna.

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