2018 Movies: Cruise (Trailer Song) – Emily Ratajkowski & Spencer Boldman

Cruise (2018 Movie) - Emily Ratajkowski

The trailer for the upcoming romantic comedy Cruise, starring Emily Ratajkowski and Spencer Boldman, has been released.

Directed by Robert Siegel, the film is set in the ’80s and follows Jessica Weinberg (Ratajkowski), a wealthy, Jewish college student from Long Island who goes by the alter-ego “Francesca” by night and begins dating a young Italian-American troublemaker named Gio Fortunato (Boldman). The two embark on an adventure full of thrills, self-discovery, romance, and danger over the course of one hot summer.

The cast also includes Kathrine Narducci, Sebastian Maniscalco, Gino Cafarelli, Noah Robbins, Lucas Salvagno, Elizabeth Conway, Al Linea, Jonathan Wilde, and others.

Cruise premieres September 28 On Demand and in theaters.

The song playing in the trailer is “Beat Beat Heart” by Andrew Britton ft Jesse O’Mahoney.

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