Vauxhall Corsa TV Advert Song: Women Listening to Music in Car

Vauxhall Corsa Advert - Women Listening to Music in Car

Vauxhall advertises its deal on Corsa, which is now with up to 5 years at 0% APR, in a new spot.

The advert features a customer service representative in a Vauxhall dealership approaching a group of ladies in a red Corsa, who are listening to music. “I see you’ve discovered the Corsa’s Bluetooth infotainment system, with…” he tells them, but is interrupted by one of the women, who completes his sentence, proving she knows the car’s features. “With the 7-inch color touchscreen,” the lady sitting on the passenger seat adds. “And have you noted the heated seats and the heated steering wheel?” he asks them, but he obviously doesn’t say something those customers didn’t know. When he mentions that the respective model (Corsa SRi VX-Line Nav Black) can be driven away with 5 years 0% APR, he gets their full attention. The young woman at the wheel lowers the window, stops the music and asks for a confirmation, which comes with a head nod.

The end of the spot sees the ladies playing the song again, raising the window and taking the car for a ride.

The song they’re listening to is “Rinse & Repeat” by British DJ Riton featuring vocals from Kah-Lo, which was released as a digital download in the United Kingdom in February 2016.

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