Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Commercial

Uniqlo Commercial Girl

Uniqlo advertises its Ultra Light Down in a new spot, highlighting that “This is the Ultra Go-To”.

The commercial follows several persons through a city wearing the Ultra Light Down in a variety of places and presents some of its most important features, such as the versatile inner and the stylish outer, the business chic look, which makes it perfect to complete a formal outfit, the comfort it offers, which makes it perfect for some “me time”, wherever you want, and for journeys, as it is a great travel partner. Just like a cardigan, the Ultra Light Down can be worn in all kinds of combinations, over soft clothes or over sports clothes, helping you to keep active.

The spot, scored by a catchy tune, also highlights that the Ultra Light Down, starting from $39.90 plus tax, is “light, thin, warm, layerable, colorful, packable, movable, portable, and adjustable”, and ends with the voiceover saying “Not just light, this is the Ultra Go-To, Ultra Light Down”.

The Ultra Light Down range includes seamless parkas, jackets, a hooded coat, vests, a compact vest, a compact jacket, and a compact coat. There is also a dedicated storage bag for the brand’s Ultra Light Down series, now sold separately, for $ 3.90. Compact and available in manageable size for easy transport, this storage bag packs any item in the Ultra Light Down series away completely.

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