Trivago First Person Experience Hotel in Thailand Commercial Song

Trivago Commercial - Thailand
The 60-second spot, with idea and script from Jonathon Laing, who has also served as creative lead, gives a first person view of the experience of a holiday in Thailand. It opens with a young man’s voice asking the hotel search and comparison website to find him a hotel somewhere in Thailand where he can wake up with a view of the ocean.

When he selects one of the recommended deals , he is transported to the respective hotel, which offers the view he had wanted. He then continues to select various filters from the range available on the trivago website, such as pool (for him and his friends), sailing, hiking trails, massage, restaurant. Knowing his friends as “party people”, he chooses to select also this filter in order to make sure that the hotel will also cover this part.

As he goes through all the things chosen, from the pool, to sailing, hiking trail, where they find an amazing waterfall and a monkey that eats from the palm of his hand, to massage, a nice restaurant and a beach party, he concludes he found his ideal hotel and thanks Trivago.

The soundtrack music is the 2018 electronic single “Feel It” by EG3BEATS, introduced as a summer anthem by EG3BEATS MUSIC PRODUCTIONS. The track, available for download and purchase ($1.29), is included on the artist’s “Neon Lights” album, released earlier this year, on May 25.

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