Netflix 2018 Series: The Good Cop (Trailer Song)


The Good Cop (Trailer Netflix)

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming series The Good Cop, from the creator of the Emmy Award-winning series Monk, Andy Breckamn.

According to the official synopsis, the show follows “honest cop Tony Caruso Jr., who gets advice from his unscrupulous father, retired NYPD officer Tony Sr., about everything from his job to his love life.” He thus finds his patience and ethics put to the test especially when he is forced to live with his dad, known as a “street smart” but also as a corrupt cop.

The cast includes Tony Danza and Josh Groban as the duo father-son, Monica Barbaro, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Frank Whaley, and others.

The trailer features some of the awkward and embarrassing moments Tony Sr. creates. He shows up at a crime scene accompanied by a civilian – a blonde woman of whom he says “She’s not exactly a civilian, I mean, look at her!” It is also revealed that he did seven years upstate, but this is something he and his ex-colleagues from NYPD laugh about. When Tony Jr.’s fellow detective played by Barbaro points out to Tony Jr. that everyone loves his father, he answers “They don’t have to live with him”.

The song used in the trailer is “Buena Vista” by Ross Gilmartin, a London-based composer and pianist, whose credits include work for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

The streaming service announced all ten episodes will be available September 21st.

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