Samsung Unpacked August 9th Storage Full Commercial Song

Samsung Storage Commercial - August 9th

Samsung has launched a series of teasers leading up to its Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked event on August 9th.

The spots, aimed at showing at stressing it can be when technology lets you and released with the tagline “A lot can change in a day,” tackle issues like low battery life, lack of enough storage and slow phone. The one dedicated to the storage space features a woman trying to download a file for a meeting set to begin at 12pm. Seeing the “Storage Full” notification, she starts deleting pictures, but it’s hard for her to choose which ones to remove since almost all of them are all important to her. After deleting 143 items, she tries again to download the file, but with no success, so she proceeds with deleting apps. When not even this step brings her closer to the storage space she needs to save the presentation video for the meeting, she asks for a smaller version, but the problem persists.

“Never have enough storage? A lot can change in a day”. onscreen lines read at the end of the spot, before the date of August 9th 2018 appears on screen, as well.

‌In another spot, the South Korean company teases the Note 9’s extended battery life, which – according to leaks – will power it through a full day of video-watching at full brightness.

The Unpacked event for Galaxy Note 9, set to take place in New York City, was officially announced by Samsung on June 27th. So far, rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 9 hinted at a device that will see iterative upgrades from its predecessor, such as a slightly refined design, new fingerprint sensor location, and also faster wireless charging.

The song playing in the background is “In the Hall of the Mountain King”, a piece of orchestral music composed by Edvard Grieg in 1875.

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