Olay Airline Pilot Tristan Mazzu Commercial Song

Olay Commercial - Female Airline Pilot Tristan Mazzu

Olay has launched a new campaign in the US aimed at inspiring women to pursue their dreams. One of the spots, titled “Spread Your Wings,” features a day in the life of commercial airline pilot Tristan Mazzu, from the moment she wakes up. Tristan is seen getting out of bed immediately after hearing the alarm, doing her morning run and using Olay face cream before putting on her uniform and heading out. She is also shown as she goes to classes, learns how to fly an airline and gets promoted. Her walking through the airport wearing her pilot uniform with confidence, towards the plane, with passengers looking at her admiringly, is also featured, while the 2012 single “Wings” by British girl group Little Mix is playing in the background.

The spot also highlights that only 6% of pilots are women and that “There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman on a mission”.

The beauty and skincare brand Olay, which is one of Procter & Gamble’s biggest properties, has been advertising its products this year in various spots, each dedicated to a specific item, such as the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream, Olay Regenerist, Olay Deep Hydrating Eye Gel, Olay Total Effects, Olay Whips, which was presented as #1 skincare product in 2018, and others.

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