NHS Give Blood TV Advert Song: Goalkeepers Peter Shilton and David Seaman

NHS Give Blood TV Advert - Goalkeepers Peter Shilton and David Seaman

“England’s most capped goalkeepers take to the streets, but can they inspire a new generation to make a save in a way that really matters?” this is the question the “Save the Nation” campaign by NHS Give Blood proposes.

The campaign film stars Peter Shilton and David Seaman being joined on a field, in a neighborhood, by a group of young footballers, and serving as goalkeepers for their teams. The game, which has been watched by dozens of residents, ends with a round of applause and with the youngsters going to the hospital to donate blood.

“With up to 3 lives saved, every time you give blood it’s time to make the save of a lifetime.” onscreen lines read at the end of the spot, which also delivers the following message: “There’s no better feeling than saving the people around you. On the pitch is one thing, but we’re not talking about goals here. We’re talking about saving lives. But men aren’t just giving blood, so we need you to support your country in a way that really matters. Save a life. Give blood!”.

The soundtrack music is the 2017 single “KANE” by by Grim Sickers feat. JME.

NHS informs that around 6,000 donations are needed every day to meet the needs of patients across England. Giving blood is easy and safe and it only takes one hour. The blood people donate is used to treat critically ill patients, as well as those who have lost blood through an accident, surgery or childbirth.

The rules on blood donation in England changed on 28th November 2017, giving more people to opportunity to donate blood without affecting the safety of the blood supply. Details are available at the NHS website. There is also a mobile app called “NHS Give Blood”, which is aimed at making donating blood easier from start to finish by providing information about your blood type, who can receive your blood, when you are next able to safely donate blood, and enabling you to book an appointment.

This is not the first campaign running in the UK to encourage people to donate blood. National television campaigns launched by the National Blood Service featured a host of celebrities including Richard Branson, Heather Mills, Gary Lineker, Bill Roach and Claire Sweeney.

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