Netflix 2018 Series: Insatiable (Trailer Song)

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming original series Insatiable, starring Disney Channel star Debby Ryan.

The show, described as a “dark, twisted, revenge comedy” has been written and created by Lauren Gussis (whose portofoglio includes TV shows like Dexter and Once Upon A Time) and revolves around Patty (nicknamed Fatty Patty), a high school teenage girl who has for years been bullied, ignored and underestimated because she was overweight. After finding herself “hot”, she embarks on a quest to take revenge on those who bullied her in the past and is assisted, along the way, by disgraced attorney Bob Armstrong (played by Dallas Roberts), who also helps coach her through Beauty Pageants.

The cast also includes Alyssa Milano as Roberts’ wife, Coralee.

The trailer, scored by the 2018 single “Make Me Wanna Clap” by Olly Anna, from her “Rebel Chick” album, features Debby’s character, Patty, determined to make those who treated her bad hurt like she hurt. Judging by the scenes revealed in the trailer, she is eager to go to extreme lenghts to take revenge.

Season 1 of Insatiable, consisting of 12 episodes, each an hour long, will be on Netflix on August, 10.