Key Equity Release Advert Song

Key Equity Release Advert

Key Retirement, which has rebranded as Key, highlights the importance of advice in its latest advertising campaign, which carries the tagline “Good Advice is Key”.

A first advert, released on July 24, aimed at showcasing the “the vital importance of advice in an entertaining and eye-catching way,” features a Key advisor visiting a family to talk about releasing equity. The long-married couple who called the advisor say their son needs his own house as he got married and has children on the way. As they meet with the professional on various other occasions, they make a cup of tea every time and sing. The end of the spot sees the residents of the neighborhood coming together to sing and dance in sync, whilst on screen the strapline “good advice is key” appears.

The rebranding implies creating an updated version of the company’s website,, which will include a new “discovery zone” for those looking to research equity release. A variety of tools, such as online eligibility checkers, enhanced calculators, property valuations, and plan comparisons, a myth buster, as well as extensive content and help for customers will also be available on the website.

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