Dell Latitude Rugged Laptop Mailed Without a Box Commercial Song

Dell Latitude Rugged Laptop Commercial

“Dell Latitude Rugged is tough, but is it tougher than the mail service?” “Can it stand up to the abuse of a New York to California shipping trip without a box?” This is what Dell wanted to know and in order to find out it mailed a Rugged across the country without packaging.

The tech giant has released a 60-second spot presenting the Rugged laptop, which has been engineered to handle almost anything – from extreme heat and freezing cold to liquid, dust, drops and slams, and its journey from New York to California, where it was sent to an organization that works in the most rugged terrain – a natural disaster first responder training facility. “Dell Latitude Rugged is though. As though as mother nature. But is it as though as the mail service?” onscreen lines read at the beginning of the commercial, which also includes footage of mail delivery guys throwing packages in the recipients’ yards as if they were rocks.

The video, soundtracked by a rock song, informs that the laptop arrived without a scratch at the destination even if it was handled without care.

According to the brand, Latitude Rugged delivers peace of mind with “real-world durability,” “stunning performance, reliable connectivity and outdoor-readable displays,” and “business-class control.” Dell’s Latitude Rugged range includes the new Latitude 12″ Rugged Extreme Convertible Laptop, which is “built for real-world performance and security,” the new Latitude 14″ Rugged Extreme, which is a notebook “made with shock-absorbent materials that meets rigorous military-standard requirements” and is “compression-sealed from sand, dust and liquids,” the new Latitude 14″ Rugged notebook, which is “built to withstand shocks, drops and vibrations” and “thrives in extreme temperatures with QuadCool thermal management,” the Latitude 12″ Rugged Extreme Tablet, which features powerful Intel processors and hot swappable dual batteries and “thrives in the harshest conditions,” the Latitude 14″ Dell RuggedRugged Notebook, which features “full IO capability, performance and an outdoor-readable display with optional glove-capable touch,” and more.

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