BBC Series: Age Before Beauty (Trailer Song)

BBC Series: Age Before Beauty

BBC has released the trailer for its upcoming series Age Before Beauty, set to air on BBC One.

The show, written by the screenwriter behind hit series Poldark and Cutting It, Debbie Horsfield, revolves around Bel, a homemaker, mum and wife, who – after sending her twins off to university – is asked by her brother-in-law and long-time best friend, Teddy, to step in and rescue the family business – a down-at-heel beauty salon in Manchester. She thus finds herself “forced” to reconcile the demands of her business, her warring family and the problems in her marriage.

Age Before Beauty, which – according to BBC, aims to explore “youth, age, instant gratification and long-term relationships set within the beauty industry,” stars Polly Walker as Bel, Robson Green as Teddy, Sue Johnston as Bel’s mother, Ivy-Rae, James Murray as Bel’s husband of 25 years, Lisa Riley, Kelly Harrison, and Vicky Myers as Bel’s sisters Tina, Leanne and Heidi, respectively, and Madeleine Mantock as personal trainer Lorelei.

The 40-second trailer, scored by Frank Wilson’s 1965 hit single “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)”, gives viewers a glimpse into the life of Bel and the sibling’s rivalry, with Bel being talked about her sister Leanne for returning to the salon. “Do you actually want us to succeed?” Bel asks Leanne in one of the scenes.

The six part series is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday 31st July at 9.00pm.

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