Samsung Commercial Song: The Things That Bring Family Together

Samsung Family Commercial

Samsung runs a new ad in the US, showcasing how its products connect, with the help of Bixby, AI technology, to a larger ecosystem of other Samsung products for a seamless experience inside and outside your home.

The spot, aimed at highlighting that the brand makes “the things that bring family together,” features a variety of families – from little to big, from loud families to roommate families, to families with different points of view, families that sign, that shout, that giggle and families who don’t.” But one thing is sure: for all the ways they’re different, there’s one way they are all the same: they are all turning on Dinnertime Mode with SmartThings app in order to be a little more connected.

According to the ad, this feature, which will be available late this year, only on 2018 QLED TVs, helps families enjoy their dinner and spend quality time together, without devices like TV, tablets or smartphones turned on.

The commercial, scored by Layup’s single “Together”, from their 2018 EP “Whole New Level,” ends with the tagline “We make the things that bring family together.” and the #DoWhatYouCant hashtag flashing across the screen.

The SmartThings app allows you to control your devices with the help of Bixby, which can turn on and off your lighting, set your air conditioning, TV and vacuum cleaner, see your program selection and volume settings all on one screen, and control everything on your TV with just one smartphone. Just a single phrase to your smartphone, TV or refrigerator lets you turn on and off your vacuum and take control of other appliances, for instance. With the SmartView feature, you can see mobile content on TV in the living room and keep watching even on the refrigerator in the kitchen.

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