2018 Movies: London Fields (Trailer Song) – Everyone Wants Nicola Six

London Fields (2018 Movie) Amber Heard

The trailer for the upcoming thriller London Fields, an adaptation of Martin Amis’ 1989 novel of the same name, has been released.

The film, which marks the directorial debut of Mathew Cullen, who also served as a co-writer, revolves around the seductress Nicola Six, played by Amber Heard, who discovers she’ll be murdered on her 35th birthday and sets out to find the killer. According to the official synopsis, Nicola “fearlessly begins a relationship with three different men: Samson Young (Billy Bob Thornton), a failed novelist seeking inspiration, Keith Talent (Jim Sturgess), a charming womanizer on the run from loan-sharks, and Guy Clinch (Theo James), a sophisticated and aristocratic businessman” and while she “focuses on becoming the subject of each of their desires, she has a premonition that one of them is her murderer. The cast also includes Cara Delevingne, Jason Isaacs, Jaimie Alexander, Gemma Chan, Lily Cole, and Craig Garner. Johny Depp, who was still married to Heard during the film production, also makes an appearance.

“Nicola has slept with God and the Devil. She told them both to get lost.” Thornton’s character says in one of the scenes revealed in the trailer.

Described as “a lavish and highly stylized story of passion and despair, an intoxicating tale of lust, obsession, and power that depicts what men want most… and what they will do to get it,” London Fields is set to hit theaters this August.

The song playing in the trailer is Hyper Worm Tamer by Grinderman.

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