Chuck E. Cheese Chuck E.’s Easy Dance Commercial Song

Chuck E. Cheese Dance Commercial

Chuck E. Cheese has released a new ad, featuring “Chuck E.’s Easy Dance”.

Surrounded by several dancers of all ages, the chain’s mascot shows off his dance moves and performs a catchy song inviting viewers to join them. “Now, listen everyone, I’ve got a dance for you, it’s called the Easy Dance because it’s easy to do, it’s really very simple as you can see, just listen to the music then repeat after me. Shake your legs, clap your hands! It’s called the Easy Dance and it’s going around, put it all together, let’s break it down. Shake your legs, clap your hands!” Chuck Cheese sings, while his friends are dancing in sync.

He then reveals that the dance also includes a couple more steps, namely “March In Place,” “Do A Spin,” “Shake Your Hands,” “Hop Around,” “Wave Your Arms,” “Touch Your Toes,” and does them all faster, concluding, just like the young dancers, that this easy dance is “a little more difficult” than he thought.

The cute mascot says that if you didn’t get all the steps, you can watch the video again and practice some more, and then come to Chuck E. Cheese and dance with him.

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