Bleu de Chanel Commercial Song – Gaspard Ulliel Seaching for a Woman in Bangkok

Bleu de Chanel Commercial - Actor Gaspard Ulliel

Chanel has launched the campaign film for its men’s fragrance Bleu de Chanel, starring French actor and model Gaspard Ulliel.

The 60-second spot, directed by Steve McQueen, follows Ulliel, who portrays a corporate employee, as he leaves his office, during a meeting and gets out in the streets to find a mysterious young woman he had seen through the window.

Filmed in Bangkok, the ad is set to the rhythms of David Bowie’s 1972 single “Starman”, from his fifth studio album, “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”.

The French luxury label has used other famous songs to score the Bleu de Chanel commercials. The Rolling Stones’ “She Said Yeah”, from their abum “December’s Children (And Everybody’s)” and Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower”, performed by Jimi Hendrix, are only two examples in this regard.

Gaspard Ulliel has been the face of Bleu de Chanel for a long time, appearing in multiple ads for the fragrance over the years. In 2015, he starred in a commercial written and directed by James Gray, which saw him torn between being a celebrity and the desire to lead a normal life, and in 2010 he appeared in a commercial shot in New York and directed by Martin Scorsese, which featured him as an actor in a press conference, with flashbacks to romantic memories with his current girlfriend and other two women.

The Bleu de Chanel range includes parfum, with the variations available, priced at $120, Eau de Parfum Spray ($115), Eau de Toilette Spray ($75), Eau de Parfum Reffillable Travel Spray ($95), Eau de Toilette Reffillable Travel Spray ($80), Showel Gel ($40), After Shave Balm ($60), Deodorant Spray ($28) and Deodorant Stick ($25).

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