2018 Netflix Movies: Father of the Year (Trailer Song)

Father of the Year (Trailer Netflix) - David Spade

Netflix has released the official trailer for its upcoming film Father of the Year.

The film, directed by Tyler Spindel, follows Ben (Joey Bragg) and Larry (Matt Shively), recent college graduates whose “idiots dads” – played by David Spade and Nat Faxon – take seriously a drunken debate between the two friends about whose father would win a fight. “Jobs are lost, relationships ruined, futures destroyed, and best friends come of age as they come to grips with who their fathers really are.” the official synopsis reveals.

The cast also includes Bridgit Mendler, Dean Winters, Kevin Nealon, Jared Sandler, Ashley Spillers, and Moses Storm.

The trailer features the encounter between Ben and his father, who’s almost a homeless, and the shameful situation the latter finds himself in, when the owner of the mobile pool he’s taking a bath in drives away. The two young friends are then seen in a bar, starting a conversation about fighting and launching the hypothetical question about whose dad would win in a fight. “Let me play this, my dad looks like a human muppet and I’m a hundred percent sure he could kick your dad’s ass,” Ben is told. In a subsequent scene, he is asked by his father who he thinks would win. His answer makes his father want to win back Ben’s faith and thus he decides to go to Larry’s house and fight his dad.

The song used in the trailer is the 2017 single “Play It Again” by LA-based Pigeon John (John Kenneth Dust by his real name).

The film was originally set to be released on June 29, 2018, but it was postponed for July 20.

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