Bear vs. Camper Advert Song

Sunny UK Bear Advert has launched a new ad campaign to promote its lending service, which includes “fast, flexible loans from £100,” with no fees and no surprises, the chance to save on interest if you repay early, as well as the possibility to return the loan in 5 days without paying any interest, if you change your mind.

Titled “Bear vs Camper”, the spot features a bear using a young couple’s camper to scratch his back, which results in serious damage to the vehicle and a terrible scare for the two lovers, who just wanted to enjoy a sunny day in the middle of nature. Luckily for them, Sunny’s spokesman shows up and tames the bear. “It’s a funny one, life. All calm until one day. It all gets shaken up. So it’s sweet to have emergency cash when that repair comes along,” the voiceover says, mentioning that, “with Sunny, you can pay back your loan early and save money on interest.” In another version of the spot, the voiceover informs that, “with Sunny, you have five days to change your mind and return the money interest-free.” “Yeah, that’s life support,” the spokesman of the payday lender says at the end of the spots, which also warn viewers that late repayment can cause serious money problems and directs them, for help, to the website of an NGO offering money advice.

The soundtrack music is a cover of Boney M.’s 1979 classic “Sunny,” performed by Bobby Hebb.

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