Spotify Commercial Song: Chase

Spotify Chase Commercial

Spotify has launched a series of new spots promote its ad-supported, free music streaming service, which enables users to listen to the songs they love and millions more.

The spots, part of the brand’s largest marketing campaign to-date, titled “Love What You Love,” are created to look like film trailers, with lots of twists and turns. One of them, “Chase”, is an action-packed clip, featuring a guy at the wheel of a car being chased by another one, who’s instructed by his boss to stop him. Their “chat” is interrupted by an army of police cars that arrived in hot pursuit of the two outlaws. Soon, things take an unexpected turn when Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” is heard playing.

The spot ends with the lines “Love the songs you love” and “Listen free” flashing across the screen.

Created by the company’s in-house agency, the “Chase”, which debuted on Tuesday, May 15, is set to roll out through June 21 in several other countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, U.K., Thailand, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The campaign also includes two shorter spots, running 15 seconds long, as part of the “Match Instantly” series, aimed at highlighting how good discovering a new song or rediscovering an old song can make a person feel, and billboards, set to run in eight countries, featuring different artist playlists with text hinting at what people with different personalities are looking for in relationships.

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