LG G7 ThinQ Commercial

LG G7 ThinQ Commercial

LG showcases, in a new commercial, the new LG G7 ThinQ, described as “the AI powered smartphone offering the new standard of convenient life”.

The spot focuses on seven key features: the Super Bright Display, which ensures enhanced outdoor visibility while saving energy under bright sunlight, the AI camera, which analyzes subjects in your frame and provides easy recommendations, allows you to choose from optimized filters, so you can get your perfect shot, the Super Bright Camera, which captures brighter moments even in the darker with automatic brightness adjustment, the Super Wide Angle Camera, which self-adjusts to subjects for wide angle environments and even allows you to capture more of every scene, the Boombox Speaker, which generates powerful bass, the Super Far Field Voice Recognition, which picks up your voice from even farther away, and finally the Google Assistant Key, for quick access to your Google Assistant.

Another feature showcased in the ad is represented by Tags, which turn gallery search into an easy action thanks to automatic tagging and album creation.

Officially unveiled today, May 2, at LG’s New York City launch event, the brand’s latest flagship smartphone has its release set for mid-May for Korea and June for the US and other countries.

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