Google Prom Dancers Commercial Song

Google Prom Commercial

It’s prom season and the dance floor is calling. Google has unveiled in a new commercial the dance moves America searched for to get ready for the big event.

Titled “May I have this dance?”, the 30-second spot shows the prom trends in search while on screen students are seen on their prom night, showing off various dance moves. “how to ask someone to dance?”, “how to shuffle?”, ” “how to electro shuffle?”, “how to shoot dance?”, “how to swing dance?”, “how to floss”, “teach me how to dougie”, “milly rock”, “how to dance like roy purdy” and “how to get down” have been the most searched keyphrases this prom season, according to the search engine.

The song used in the ad is “Pilot with a Fear of Heights”, the debut single of Australian-born, New York-based singer-songwriter Felicity.

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