El Pollo Loco Salsa Commercial Song

El Pollo Loco Salsa Commercial

“Cilantro and tomato. Heart and soul. Guitar and trumpet”. These are “Just some of the ingredients” used by El Pollo Loco, according to its newest commercial, which is also a song called “Salsa”.

The 30-second animated spot features a bunch of characters wearing Mexican outfits and accessories, performing a song with the following lyrics: “El Pollo Loco, you hear the knives chopping what the gringos call the toppings, making fresh salsas in the kitchen, creamy fresh cilantro, roja y pico, they really dress up the chicken. So hit the salsa bar, it ain’t from some jar, customize your taco!”.

The Mexican restaurant chain has recently added to its menu Double Protein Avocado Bowls, which are available in four varieties: Double Chicken Power Bowl, Double Shrimp Mango Bowl, Double Chicken Superfood Bowl and Double Chicken Fresh Bowl.

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