Budweiser 2018 FIFA World Cup Drones Delivering Beer Commercial Song

Budweiser Drones Commercial

Budweiser celebrates its status of official beer of the 2018 World Cup with a film featuring an army of drones delivering beer to fans.

Created by advertising agency Anomaly New York and directed by Jake Scott, the commercial features hundreds of red drones leaving the Budweiser headquarters, in St Louis USA, equipped with singural bottles of Budweiser and flying across the globe, through Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Shanghai (China), London (England), and Lagos (Nigeria), to deliver them to football fans at a stadium in Moscow, Russia. A woman there is, apparently, the only one without a beer and this is due to the fact that one of the drones forgot its bottle and had to go back. The device apologizes for the slightly delayed delivery with a wink, which makes the fan smile.

The brand’s Red Light Cup, which is the first-ever noise-activated cup, is also showcased, illustrating – when the drones are above the stadium, how it lights up in response to crowd noise.

The soundtrack music is the 1999 hit single “Stop the Rock” by the British group Apollo 440, from their third album, Gettin’ High on Your Own Supply”, a song which was also used in the trailer for Disaster Movie and in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2007, on the soundtracks to Cars Mater-National Championship, FIFA 2000, Gone in 60 Seconds, Bedazzled, Boys and Girls, the Australian independent film Cut, and in a 2014 Kia Sportage TV ad.

Described by Anheuser Busch InBev as the largest campaign in its history – when measured by investment and reach – Budweiser’s FIFA World Cup campaign, titled “Light Up the FIFA World Cup”, will roll out in more than 50 countries, including Brazil, China, India, Russia, U.K., as well as countries that the brand has recently entered, like Colombia, Nigeria, South Africa, Peru, and Ecuador, according to Brian Perkins, VP of global marketing for Budweiser, who also mentioned in a statement that the campaign will be “more limited” in the U.S.

FIFA World Cup runs from June 14-July 15 at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium. In the U.S. the sporting event will be broadcast by Fox Sports.

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