Bacardi Commercial Song – Dance Floor

Bacardi Commercial - Dance Floor

Bacardi urges you to “Do What Moves You” in its latest ad, from agency BBDO New York.

The spot, titled “Dance Floor,” follows five different dancers from around the world, filmed only from the waist down, coming together to the rhythms of Major Lazer’s “Jump” (feat. Busy Signal). The surroundings and the dance moves nod at places like Miami, LA, Jamaica, and Mexico, but the end of the spot sees all of them on the same dance floor, in an attempt to illustrate the idea that Bacardi unites people and helps them feel free and have fun. “If it’s a floor, it’s a dance floor,” a final onscreen line reads.

Choreographed by Rich&Tone and directed by Tom Kuntz, the ad is aimed at inspiring people to move and do what moves them. Laila Mignoni, director of creative excellence, Bacardi, said “Bacardi is a brand that inspires movement, both physical and emotional, and the purest expression of movement is through dance. We deliberately chose not to show any faces because faces are usually what marketers use to convey emotion. By focusing on the physical and emotional movement evoked from the waist-down, we think viewers will feel even more inspired to move”.

The commercial is part of a campaign that also includes dance-themed OOH and a musical social activation.

This is not the first time Bacardi used dancers in its advertising campaigns. Last year, the “Summer Heat” commercial, promoting the brand’s Superior and Banana rums, featured dance moves playing in a loop as a group of people were making their way down the street to a bar serving Bacardi cocktails. The 2015 “Turn up the Summer” ad, showcasing the Bacardi Limon rum, also featured people dancing, this time at a pool party.

From 2015 until early 2017 Jack Woods “Born To Wander” was the Bacardi ad campaign song of the rolling house party. In May 2017, the Cuban-bred rum company teamed up with Major Lazer to launch “Sound of Rum” and “make the world smaller by making the party bigger”.

The initiative included multimedia events and experiences, tracks, and a limited-edition batch of Bacardi Rum. The electronic dance trio’s music was also featured in a Snapchat campaign for Bacardi, which included lenses that allowed smartphone users add flashing lights and Bacardi bottles to a selfie or put their facial features inside a swirling vortex.

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