Summer’s Eve Commercial Song – Man Using Cleansing Wash in the Shower

Man in Summer's Eve Commercial

The brand of feminine hygiene products Summer’s Eve promotes the Cleansing Wash in a hilarious commercial.

The spot, dubbed “Manly Mistakes”, features a young woman in the bathroom telling her husband, who’s taking a shower using Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash all over his body (but without knowing it), that this product “is ph-balanced and gentler than soap, which makes it perfectly formulated for a woman’s v.” and that he’s using it. The man has a freakout and starts doing all kinds of “manly” things, such as chopping wood, drinking egg yolk, playing drums, boxing, diving in the pool, chopping boards with his hand and pulling the car with his teeth, welding a helmet, and crushing a beer can with his hand after drinking it. “That was close,” his wife says when he takes a seat on the couch near her, with the crushed can in his hand.

At the end of the commercial the brand’s signature Cleansing Wash range, including Simply Sensitive, Delicate Blossom, Morning Paradise, Island Splash, Naturally Normal and Aloe Love, is shown. Summer’s Eve states that its Cleansing Wash gently cleanses and freshens, removes odor-causing bacteria, helps maintain a natural pH, rinses residue free and features Clinically Tested Safe Scents, which “are gentle enough for your most delicate skin.”
The soundtrack music is composed and performed by Kyle Moorman and Chris French.

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