Sony BRAVIA OLED TV Advert Song: Window Into Daytime


Sony showcases the latest BRAVIA OLED TV in a new advert, titled “Window into daytime”.

The 60-second spot focuses on the unique viewing experience the brand’s new OLED A8F/AF8 series offers thanks to the life-like colour, deep blacks and extraordinary contrast, combined with cutting-edge Acoustic Surface sound technology, which makes the entire screen create sound and immerse you in exciting new entertainment experiences.

Set to the rhythms of the 2017 single “Leave a Light On” by British singer/songwriter Tom Walker, the ad gives viewers a glimpse into the future of TV using a forest and its “inhabitants”. As the spot comes to its end, a tree with purple flowers is seen and the message “A new TV experience awakens” flashing across the screen.

Unveiled at the beginning of this year, in January, the Sony Bravia OLED A8F/AF8 series boasts a TRILUMINOS Display maps colors from a wider palette, faithfully reproducing every shade and hue in the umbrellas, over 8 million self-illuminating pixels precisely and individually controlled by the 4K HDR X1 Extreme processor, which includes powerful real-time image processing for ultra-detailed pictures. Now with Google Assistant built-in, Sony TV and other connected devices can be controlled using your voice.

The A8F OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is available for purchase starting at $2,799.99.

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