Sol Beer Dancers Commercial Song (Brillando by Amandititita)

Model in Sol Beer Dancers Commercial

Sol Beer makes its debut in the U.S. market with a commercial paying tribute to Mexican-American culture. The spot, created by Alma Agency and titled “Origins”, features several dancers showing off their moves in all kinds of places, including an overpass, an empty swimming pool, a basketball court, and more. People of all ages enjoying a bottle of Sol at parties are also seen, while in the background an original song called “Brillando” and performed by Amandititita is playing. The tagline “Shine Your Way” flashes across the screen at the end of the ad.

Sol brand, an authentically brewed Mexican beer established in 1899, which has been part of the Heineken USA portfolio since 2004, is imported, marketed and distributed in the United States through Molson Coors’ US division starting last fall. A 10-year import agreement was announced in this regard, in June 2017, by Molson Coors Brewing Company and Heineken. “The agreement offers both brewers an opportunity to focus on key areas of growth within each of their portfolios, while increasing attention and investment toward market opportunities within North America”, a press release stated at the time.

Upon completion of the 10-year term, Heineken will have the opportunity to reacquire the import rights & responsibilities for Sol.

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