Robinsons Fruit Shoot Advert Song – It’s My Thing

Boy in Robinsons Fruit Shoot Advert

Robinsons Fruit Shoot, the Britvic-owned brand of no sugar added all natural juice drink for kids, has released a new “It’s My Thing” advert to mark its re-branding, which included an updated packaging, switching from the classic purple bottle with blue lid to a purple one with green lid, and “a small change to the multivitamin mix, which is standard practice,” according to a company’s spokesperson.

The spot, created by Saatchi & Saatchi and directed by award-winning directors Tania Verduzco and Adrian Pérez, commonly known as Los Pérez, features three kids who are having fun while doing “their thing” all across town. A girl is mastering flawless kick ups and shoots, another one, 8-year-old Geneva London, has stuffed a drum with all her Barbie dolls and is playing the drums in her room, and a boy, who has a passion for mustaches, embraces the lifestyle of a chef and of a painter. The ad, which showcases the improved Fruit Shoot Hydro and Juiced range, informs that Robinsons Fruit Shoot contains “naturally occurring sugars and 8% fruit juice from concentrate” and ends with a child voiceover saying the brand’s tagline, “Robinsons Fruit Shoot – Made with no added sugar and real fruit”.

The soundtrack music is provided by the upcoming band Layup (consisting of singer Chris Henderson and producer Chad Copelin) and their newest song, “Want it all”, which has also been used by Hulu in a commercial for Live TV. This is not the only Layup track used in advertising campaign: the band’s song “Wave” is featured in the latest commercial for Verizon Fios and “It’s About Time” is a new Samsung Galaxy commercial, airing in Poland.

The ad, also available as a 20″ version, debuted on March 26 and runs on TV and online across the UK, France and the Republic of Ireland.

The new look packs, developed by Robinsons Fruit Shoot in consultation with parents, started rolling out in stores earlier this year, at the beginning of February.

Robinson Fruit Shoot was in the middle of a controversy in March, when several parents claimed the drink coming in the new bottle is making children sick, causing them nausea and stomach cramps. The parent who started the discussion, warning all parents about the fruitshoot, also said some of the ingredients have been changed, too, and that the drink contains Biotin and Niacin, substances that can leave kids battling with a variety of side effects including hair loss and intestinal cramps. A spokesman for BritVic said “Niacin and Biotin are “B” vitamins and are safe for human consumption,” giving as examples of natural sources of Biotin avocado and salmon and brown bread and meat as sources of Niacin. He also mentioned that “All the ingredients used in Fruit Shoot are safe and permitted for use in line with the legislative requirements”.

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