Commercial Song – Man with House on Top of the Hill Commercial - House on Top of the Hill

Real estate listings website has released a new commercial, introducing a new, shorter tagline: “You need”.

Titled “You Want Privacy”, the 30-second ad is set in Santa Fe, NM, and features a man standing near his house, admiring the beautiful view. “You want neighbors. Just really, really far away,” the voiceover says and, at this point, the man is seen turning on the music. A delighted smile appears on his face as he gets to enjoy the landscape with his favorite song, Dawn Penn’s “You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No), playing out loud in the background.
Finally, it is highlighted that users have the option to choose what they want from their home search, from a corner lot golf course lot, to city view, ocean view, lake view, and/or Hill/Mountain. “You need – The Home of Home Search”, the voiceover adds at the end of the spot.

Other recently released ads, which are also with a twist, show other options available on, like the existence of one or more garages, of a tennis court, pool, backyard, family room, a modern kitchen or a bunch of great restaurants nearby, a bunch of square footage or beautiful hardwoods, and more.

Operated by the News Corporation subsidiary Move, Inc. and based in Santa Clara, California, has featured Elizabeth Banks in several advertising campaigns, since 2015, when she was named a spokesperson. The actress encouraged millennials in search of their first own place to find their dream home “before not-you finds it”.

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