Pine-Sol Commercial Song – Woman Dancing While Mopping Kitchen Floor

Pine-Sol Commercial - Woman Dancing

Pine-Sol showcases its range of cleaning products in a new commercial, released with the slogan “Clean Your Way”.

The spot features a woman mopping her kitchen with Pine-Sol multi-cleaner while dancing to the rhythms of the 1968 song “Hard to Handle” by American soul music star Otis Redding. Finally, the range of Pine-Sol Cleaners, available in a variety of scents, is shown, as well. Pine-Sol also invites viewers to visit the brand’s website to watch more dance videos.

The Pine-Sol line-up includes multi-surface cleaners with concentrated formulas, that deodorize and cut through grease, grime and dirt. Besides the Original Pine-Sol, there also are Lavender Clean, Lemon Fresh, Sparlking Wave, Mango Mandarin Burst, and, the newest addition to the family, Sunshine Meadow. The Pine-Sol Squirt’n Mop Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, for which no bucket is required, comes in Original and Lemon Fresh scents. Pine-Sol cleaners can be used on hard, nonporous surfaces, including floors, sinks, counters, stoves, bathtubs, shower stalls, tile and more.

Pine-Sol has partnered with Together We Rise, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of foster children in America, and made a $50,000 donation to help them continue their work of providing resources to foster youth and using service-learning activities to educate volunteers on issues surrounding the foster care system. In 2017, the brand and its advertsing agency, The Axis Agency, were chosen among 16 I&C Disruptors defying stereotypes in today’s marketing campaigns.

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