Indeed Sunny Commercial Song

Indeed Sunny Commercial

The world’s #1 job site, Indeed, has launched a new ad campaign in the UK, highlighting that it provides helpful tips for you to get the job you want.

The spot, filmed using a point of view shot to help viewers see the events as if they were experiencing them themselves, tells the story of a man who wakes up in the morning and goes to a series of job interviews for the Product Manager position, that have a negative outcome. Returning home, he begins to read a book useful for the role he applies and interview tips given by Indeed. This proves just the right move as the next interview ends with a hand shake and the presentation of the new company’s headquarters. The spot shows the man’s new colleagues standing up and giving a round of applause after he is introduced by the HR manager.

The advert, soundtracked by a cover of Boney M’s 1976 hit single “Sunny”, sees the taglines “You’ve got this” and “We help people get jobs” flashing across the screen.

The advert, available as 15-, 30- and 60-second versions, runs in several other countries, including Deutschland, Canada, and Nederland.

The UK launch of took place in 2014 and was promoted by agency Mullen through a series of fun out-of-home ads which featured Indeed-style job postings placed in accurate places around London, to perfectly illustrate relevant, real-life situations. For instance, a search for a proofreader in Bristol sat next to a typo-filled billboard and a criminal investigator search in Nottingham sat next to the outline of a corpse on the sidewalk.

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