IKEA Ghosts Party Advert Song

IKEA Ghosts Party TV Advert

IKEA continues its The Wonderful Everyday campaign with a new installment, encouraging people to “be a maverick with fabric” and put their stamp on their home so that it would reflect their personality.

The spot opens with a home owner leaving at night by car and goes on with the textiles inside coming to life and getting all together in the living room. Their gathering soon turns into a wild party, with guests changing the music and dancing on the table to the rhythms of K7’s “Come Baby Come”. Disco lights, dance contests, selfies, and even a foam bath are the ingredients that make their night one to remember. Well, the party ends suddenly, when the couple living there return home. Then, the ghosts get all back to their original state, becoming sheets, blankets, rugs, curtains, and more, so that everything looks just like before. “Be a maverick with fabric” the voiceover says at the end of the spot, while on screen the man and his wife are seen looking around and taking a seat on the coach. The ad also highlights that now you can buy FRANSINE cushion covers for £10 each.

Swedish furniture giant’s longstanding “Wonderful Everyday” campaign, launched in early 2014, returned on screens in October 2017 with a colorful spot created by Mother London, which turned attention to the magic of celebration by showing a family coming together to mark special, but often overlooked, little moments, like the moment a kid learns how to tie a shoelace, another one manages to wake up early, the completion of a crossword, and more. Over the years, the adverts have been varied, ranging from fun fast-paced ones to touching ones, pulling at the viewers’ heartstrings.

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