Hot Summer Nights (2018 Movie) – Trailer Songs

Hot Summer Nights (2018 Movie)

Timothée Chalamet returns to the silver screen this summer in a new coming-of-age drama, from writer/director Elijah Bynum, titled “Hot Summer Nights”.

The film, which marks Bynum’s directorial debut, is set in 1980s and follows Chalamet’s character, a shy teenage boy, as he is sent away for the summer, to spend it in Cape Cod with his aunt. There, he finds a job in a store, where, one day, a guy (played by Alex Roe) comes in and asks him to hide some weed for him. His life takes a dramatic turn when he decides to befriend that guy, who it turns out is a marijuana seller, starts to smoke weed and then selling it, too. In the meantime, he’s juggling a romance with a beautiful peer, played by Maika Monroe. The trailer reveals that the latter wants a confirmation from Chalamet that he’s not “caught up in anything shady”, which makes him stop for a second before giving an answer. One thing is sure: when it comes to drugs, he comes with ideas, suggesting they need customers who buy in bulk rather than teenagers, who buy dime bags, and “warns” Roe’s character, after an encounter with potential clients, “This is going to be more money than either of us have ever seen”.

The songs used in the trailer are the 2017 single “I’m So Free” by American singer/songwriter/rapper Beck, from his “Colors” album, and “Vitamin C” by the krautrock band Can, from their 1972 album, “Ege Bamyasi”.

The film, also starring Maia Mitchell, Emory Cohen, Thomas Jane, and William Fichtner, premiered at South by Southwest on March 13, 2017. The release in theaters will be through A24 starting July 27.

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