Hostelworld Mariah Carey Commercial Song – Even Divas Are Believers

Hostelworld Mariah Carey Commercial

Hostelworld has released a hilarious new commercial, starring Mariah Carey. Titled “Even Divas Are Believers”, the short film stars the singer ending up in a hostel and enjoying the experience.

The video opens with a receptionist at a hostel in Barcelona announcing her boss that Mariah Carey is coming. The latter doesn’t believe her at first, but then, finding himself face-to-face with the diva and her crew, is greeting them all and coming up with solutions. The artist, whose reputation is playfully poked fun at, is shocked to find out she has a hostel booking when she actually wanted “a beautifully appointed private room in a hotel”. Informed that there are “beautifully appointed private rooms”, she asks her assistants to “deal with it” and takes the elevator by herself. On her way up, she has an unexpected encounter with a bare-chested red-haired guy who’s brushing his teeth. In the meantime, the hostel’s manager shows Mariah’s team the private room, which features a king-sized bed, “fit for a queen”. Entering the room, the artist starts looking around and the hint of a smile can be seen on her face. The night turns into an experience to remember for the staff and guests, who get to enjoy a special concert. The song Mariah’s singing on the small scene, with her assistant holding a fan in front of her for visual effect, is her 1995 hit single “Fantasy”, from her fifth album, Daydream. “Even Divas are Belivers” an onscreen line reads at the end of the film and viewers are invited to download the Hostelworld app.

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Mariah Carey is not the first celebrity to star in a Hostelworld commercial. In 2017, Charlie Sheen appeared in a 15-second ad presented as “leaked footage” of him sleeping with seven people in a hostel. Actually, he shares a hostel room with seven other travelers and the experience is apparently “more chilled than you might think”. In 2016, 50 Cent took the leading role in “Hostel Cribs”, a parody of iconic noughties TV show, MTV Cribs, after he had been introduced to hostel life on a trip to Barcelona and realized staying in a hostel doesn’t necessarily means a compromise on the luxury. In 2015, British former professional boxer Chris Eubank also starred in a video for the booking website, created by Lucky General and called “Hostelling with Chris Eubank”.

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