Hardee’s Commercial Song – Tastes like America

Hardee's Employees Commercial

Hardee’s has launched a new ad campaign, called “Tastes like America”, to celebrate the food culture the brand has built up in America’s heartland and strenghten its own identity.

“What’s more American than popping biscuits in the backseat and taking the backroads to backyards? Time to raise a shake to America.” this is the message conveyed in the commercial, created by Havas Chicago, which includes footage of real Hardee’s employees and real people of all ages enjoying Hardee’s food in various places: in the parking lot, in the backseat of a car, where they’re popping biscuits, as the anthem says, on a friend’s couch, on the bowling alley, and on the beach, by the fire, at night. A variety of menu items, from Black Angus Thickburgers, Made from Scratch Biscuits, Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders, to Hand-Scooped milkshakes are shown throughout the ad, which is soundtracked by an anthem performed by hick hop music star Big Wet. “Going hard at the Hardee’s, real hard with my Hardee’s,” are some of the lyrics of the song.

The fast-food restaurant chain has brought the 1976 logo back, making fans hope they will see the return of some very classic 70’s menu items, like the Big Deluxe, Big Twin burgers, The Boss Burgers, Big Roast Beef, others. In the following months, local Hardee’s restaurants will get a revived look, new items will be added to the menu, featuring their handmade process, and regional campaigns will be launched, as well.

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