Citi Mobile App with Zelle Commercial Song – Couple on a Date

Woman in Citi Commercial

Citi continues its campaign promoting the Citi Mobile App with a new spot, urging people to “Spend more moments in the moment” and highlighting that the Citi Mobile App with Zelle is “Designed for you to spend less time on it.”
The 15-second ad, titled “Date”, features a man who sends $60 to his babysitter using the Citi Mobile App with Zelle, which takes only a few seconds, and focuses then on his date. The latter proves to have a special sense of humor since she does a “magic” trick involving a slice of lemon covering her teeth.

The commercial, soundtracked by Ray LaMontagne’s 2008 single “You Are the Best Thing”, from his third album, “Gossip in the Grain”, ends with the bank’s tagline, “Welcome what’s next”.

This song has been featured in an episode of the Australian TV show “Packed to the Rafters”, and also in the films “I Love You, Man” and “Bad Moms”.

Citi also highlights, in other spots released earlier this year, that the Citi Mobile App enables you to log in to your account with your face by using the Citi Trusted Identity feature, make credit card payments quickly and easily, find the closest Citi ATM near you, including ATMs at CVS Pharmacy, Costco, Target and most Walgreens, by using the ATM locator, and easily access cash with “the largest number of fee-free ATMs offered by any major bank”, and lock and unlock your debit card with just a few taps by using the Citi Quick Lock feature. The app also allows users to view their statements, check their balances and recent activity, see key info about their accounts at a glance, without having to sign in with Citi Mobile Snapshot, customize notifications, and more.

Zelle is described as “a new way to send money directly between almost any bank accounts in the U.S. typically within minutes for enrolled customers.” In order to begin sending or requesting money using the Citi Mobile App with Zelle, you should just tap on Send Money with Zelle. Thus, it is possible to exchange money with almost anyone with a U.S. bank account, all you need is their email address or mobile number. After receiving money, it shows up directly in your Citi Checking account.

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